Speaking at RubyConf AU 2019

I’m thrilled to be speaking at next year’s RubyConf AU in Melbourne!

I’ll be addressing the humble server-rendered view, in a talk entitled Views, from the top:

/Veni, vidi, view-ci/ – I came, I saw, I left the views in a mess.

With server-rendered HTML still delivering most of the web, our views deserve more than a grab bag of helpers.

Come along and learn the tools and techniques to conquer the design challenges that a complex view layer presents.

This topic has been brewing in my mind (and in various codebases) for a good two to three years now, so I’m especially excited to share it. I hope to present a compelling case for better architected views, and offer a good reminder that this is a layer in our web apps that is still ripe for improvements.

The conference’s speaker lineup is still emerging, but it’s already packed with amazing-sounding talks. I hope to see you there!

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